These days, multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses have plenty of software options & tools that can help them run the company more efficiently. One of those tools is Tapfiliate, a popular cloud-based affiliate tracking software that enables you to create, track, and optimize your own affiliate programs.

However, if you’re not convinced that you want to purchase Tapfiliate, you may be looking for a similar affiliate software to use for your MLM business. Luckily, there are some great options! If you are looking for Tapfiliate alternatives, we’ve compiled a list of them that you might consider in your software search.

PRO TIP: One of the best methods to examine whether the software is good for your business is to try the vendor’s free trial or demo period. This will give you a direct experience with the features and components of the affiliate software and you will see if it meets your expectations.


The first Tapfiliate alternative of our list is DirectScale – is a cloud-based software solution created in the USA that aims to help companies manage orders better, communicate more efficiently, improve their logistics, among others. It was designed by MLM industry experts who have decades of experience to be the perfect fit for your and any other MLM company.

All of the functionalities that this software solution offers are complete and configurable right out of the box. Here are some of the best features of DirectScale:

  • Easy to use. This software is completely user-friendly and anyone who has basic internet knowledge can operate it.
  • Custom branding. Make your branding noticeable and always at the top of your user’s mind by creating unique login and landing pages with your company’s branding. The platform comes with custom branding and configurable company colors and logos. Building brand recognition and loyalty is something many companies struggle with, but it’s easy to do with DirectScale. 
  • Personalization. Communication is the key for growing a business. Keep your team connected at all times with direct user-to-user chat, downline mass messaging, and offline email and SMS messaging.
  • Up-to-date REST APIs. Updated REST APIs allow users to modify the platform and reconfigure it to better suit their needs.
  • Payouts management under control. Auditing and modifying your commission payouts and compensation plans will be easier than ever. Users will be able to modify and audit their compensation plans and commission payouts on their own and with no extra costs.

In addition, DirectScale has recently built a new website with updated messaging features, which adds to the already fantastic overall experience of its users.

Here are some testimonials of the happy customers of DirectScale:

  1. Mari Jo, Founder: “The openness of the platform amazes me. I can’t believe I can access so much without even talking to DirectScale. I just love it! And I can do it without opening a ticket and without training!”
  2. David, Exec Director of Technology: “DirectScale did not miss the mark on any of our concerns. We’ve been able to do [everything] on schedule. And we’ve paid all commissions on schedule since then, and we’ve even scaled the business considerably.”
  3. Scott, VP of Operations: “I’ve worked with three of the main industry commission engine system providers. I’ve noticed something very different with DirectScale. The service and support I’ve received with DirectScale has helped me to feel like they are genuinely interested in the success of our company.”

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Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is another powerful tool that allows online business owners to track and monitor their affiliate networks. It is intuitive, fast, effective, infinitely expandable and scalable, which makes it a solid Tapfiliate alternative.

The development team behind this software solution placed a special focus on the periods when the affiliate network grows and it becomes difficult to manage. Post Affiliate Pro is trusted by over hundreds of companies globally.

Post Affiliate Pro stands out with these awesome features:

  • Customizable interface. An easily customizable signup form and affiliate panel allows you to tailor the application to compliment the look and feel of your corporate website design.
  • Multilingual support. As of now, it is translated into 36 languages, with new languages added regularly.
  • Private campaigns. By default, all campaigns in Post Affiliate Pro are public, which means that all affiliates can view and promote them. Private campaigns feature allows you to create private campaigns, which will be visible only to selected affiliates.
  • Multiple comprehensive reports. You can compare the side-by-side performance of affiliates, banners or campaigns, and much more.


As the third software, Affise is a performance marketing platform that helps you to manage, track, analyze and optimize online advertising campaigns in real-time. As one of the TOP Tapfiliate alternatives, it is very popular between leading companies all over the world. Affise is great at driving their business forward with conversion-based costs instead of paying for clicks.

Like other solutions on this list of the best Tapfiliate alternatives, Affise has some amazing features:

  • Affiliate management and tracking. The software offers configurable dashboards, smart targeting & cap systems, along with data breakdowns and reports.
  • Finances under control. Affise offers multi currencies and flexible payouts, among others.
  • Customization. Take advantage of tailored UI design, feature-rich API, 3rd party integrations or custom landing pages.
  • Anti-fraud detection and other optimizations like AI smartlinks.


The last Tapfiliate alternative on our list is Scaleo, an award-winning affiliate marketing software that allows you to track, analyze, and optimize your affiliate business and affiliate marketing campaigns in real-time, utilizing cutting-edge AI technology.

This software was made in Europe and is the perfect solution for advertisers (brands), affiliate network, media buyers or ad agencies.

There are many reasons why Scaleo might be a great solution for your company, but let’s focus on these features:

  • Customizable & user-friendly platform to fit your brand perfectly.
  • Anti-Fraud Logic™. Eliminate fraudulent traffic using their in-house anti-fraud solution.
  • Data analysis & insights. Access real-time data combined with instantly generated reports.
  • Ad performance optimization. Using their AI-tools, you can monetize every click using smart traffic redirection or automate the marketing performance.

Key Takeaways

The right software can help MLM businesses streamline the critical functions of multi-level marketing business model. It helps automate the management of member networks and member compensations. Moreover, affiliate software helps businesses manage sales and process payments and much more.

Choosing the best MLM affiliate software solution for your business is not an easy task indeed. Don’t rush the decision. Take a look at your priorities, needs, budget, among others. Knowing about the key expected benefits of MLM software will help you understand the impact of the tool on your business.

Make sure you start some free trials and check live demos of the software you like the most. Every business is unique in its own sense and that is why many business owners take their time when choosing their MLM affiliate platforms.

Yet, one option on this list stands out. Our personal favorite is DirectScale as it is probably the easiest-to-use and most comprehensive MLM software on the market. It helps MLM businesses empower their employees and field as a whole. With its advanced configurability, automated scalability, payout management, and other important features, it is clear that no other software can match its level.