We use our phones at work, at home, on the street, while eating, in bed, and even in our cars. You might be reading this from a mobile device right now.

What’s everyone doing on their phones? Well, 88% of mobile time is spent on apps.

If you work in the MLM industry, the chances are you use your smartphone to sell, recruit, and make money. Having the right MLM app helps you & your field run their businesses much more smoothly and efficiently. There is an app that fits the needs of every niche, including MLM companies.

Due to the steady popularity of smartphones and apps, many MLM companies offer their own solutions to fit the needs of direct sellers.

So which one is the best? We’ve compiled a list of the best MLM apps for your business in 2023.


Infinite MLM Mobile App

Infinite MLM mobile app is a comprehensive solution for MLM business plans like binary, matrix, unilevel, and many other MLM compensation plans. There are both Android and iOS versions available.

Thanks to the Infinite MLM app, your business updates are at your fingertips. The app is an add-on provided with Infinite MLM Software to aid network-marketing companies in outperforming their own metrics.

Empower your team with these features of the Infinite MLM app:

  • Simple interface. The app is user-friendly, making it easy for anyone with basic knowledge to operate it.
  • Dashboards & reports. Keep a better pulse on your business thanks to convenient dashboards and reports.
  • Easy profile management. Infinite MLM mobile app enables profile management and offers updated information on commission and compensations. Moreover, you can register new members with ease.
  • Fully customizable. Infinite comes with many different MLM compensation plans, including Binary, Matrix, Hybrid, and Breakaway, just to name a few. This means it’s fully customizable to fit any business.
  • Optimized communication. The app & software flourishes the MLM business to the advanced level by streamlining contact flow and effectively communicating among the sales team and downline representatives.
  • Gamification. Gamify sales goals through bonuses and special achievement awards.
  • Easy to download & install.

Note: The Infinite MLM app is an add-on to the Infinite MLM software. To use the mobile app, you need to be a client of Infinite MLM software and have the login details.


Kalypso App

Kalypso is an American app for individual network marketing professionals who need help managing their customers, tasks, downline members, team communication, and social media presence.

The Kalypso app is a perfect tool for individuals who want to maximize their efficiency and focus on building their business.

Take your network marketing business to the next level with Kalypso. Their sign-up is quick, easy, and free.

Here are some fantastic features of Kalypso:

  • Perfect for individuals. Whether you are with Rodan + Fields, Plexus, Mary Kay, Young Living, or any other network, you can leverage the powerful features built into the Kalypso platform to grow your income.
  • Easy to use. Manage all aspects of your network marketing business from home, at the office, or on the go with a single app.
  • Multi-network support. Kalypso got you covered whether you are a member of one or multiple networks.
  • Phone, tablet, and desktop. Kalypso’s web-based platform has been optimized for use on all devices.
  • Free and premium plans. Get started with a feature-packed free plan. Then, upgrade to premium as your business grows.
  • Powerful communication features. With Kalypso, the customer and downline management are easy. For example, create message templates, set reminders for a follow-up, or create tags & notifications.

Pamtree App

Pamtree is a free MLM app created to help network marketing professionals perform their jobs effortlessly by using a single, feature-packed app. 

Thanks to Pamtree, you can manage your network marketing business from the palm of your hand, wherever you are, without any fuss.

Like other solutions on this list, Pamtree comes with unique features:

  • Contact management. See where each person on your contact list is in their prospecting process, who has received samples from you, and what leads converted into customers.
  • Trackable messages. You can create message templates to simplify communications, search your messaging history, and even receive notifications when you click on a link.
  • To-do lists. Forget about your paper task lists and use the Pamtree app to keep track of all outstanding and completed jobs.
  • Sales funnels. Invite leads and ask them to complete forms on your personalized landing page to lead them through the sales funnel efficiently.
  • Customer tracker. Monitor your customer’s purchasing behavior and analyze their order history to determine which steps you need to take next.
  • Resource management. Upload helpful information such as marketing materials and training videos to ensure all of your employees are well-versed in all business operations.

Unify App

Unify is an all-in-one mobile app for individual sellers & customers involved in the MLM industry. It connects you with pre-qualified leads, customers, and network marketers worldwide.

Thanks to Unify, you can meet people interested in joining your team or buying what you sell from your network marketing company. 

However, Unify is a popular social platform not only for direct sellers. Thousands of MLM customers also use Unify to meet sellers from network marketing companies and buy from them.

Here are some amazing features of Unify:

  • Smooth connection of sellers with customers. Anyone can use Unify app to find products or services offered exclusively by MLM companies and connect with their sellers. On the other hand, direct sellers can easily connect with their customers and prospects.
  • Easy to download & install. Register yourself as a seller (distributor) and find people interested in buying what you sell.
  • The uncomplicated profile creation. Your Unify profile is your new digital identity as a network marketing professional. Share it with leads, prospects, and other network marketers.
  • Convenient company directories. Thanks to Unify, you and your customers can find thousands of products and services from more than 100 pre-verified MLM companies – without any illegal pyramid schemes.
  • The strong community feels. The app was designed as an online social network for the global MLM community. The app makes it easy to discover, connect and nurture relationships with future clients, team members, or mentors, all on the go.

DirectScale App

We’ve saved the best for last – at least according to Capterra, a free online marketplace for software.

DirectScale, now an Exigo company, is the most comprehensive MLM app & software on the US market. It is the perfect solution for data-driven companies that want to manage, track, analyze and optimize their business activities to increase revenue.

Both the app and software aim to help companies control the commission payouts, manage orders better, communicate more efficiently, and much more.

Moreover, after acquiring DirecTech Labs, DirectScale started adding new revenue-generating features and applications to their already robust platform, including RevCapture Alerts.

RevCapture Alerts can bring you up to an 11% lift in monthly revenue, a 6% reduction in monthly and 90-day churn, and an average ROI of 25x.

Businesses that have already used DirectScale claim that these are its main benefits:

  • Unmatched MLM analytics. DirectScale blends a deep understanding of direct sales behavior with data science to improve distributor engagement and lifetime value. Amplify your sellers’ engagement with DirectScale.
  • User-friendly & flexible software. DirectScale is user-friendly, and anyone who has basic internet knowledge can operate it.
  • DIY configurability. You can create a personalized web office experience that fits your needs and allows you to target distributors at every step of the sales funnel. In addition, it is easy to provide them with training and support that allows you to create a loyal staff that makes a profit.
  • Easy & self-managed commission payouts. Auditing and modifying your commission payouts and compensation plans will be easier than ever. Users will be able to modify and audit their compensation plans and commission payouts independently and with no extra costs.
  • Scalable business operations. As DirectScale is a cloud-based MLM software, it will keep up with your momentum as you go. It will grow alongside your business and scale back when you’re going through slower times so you can save money and never worry about updating your platform.
  • Custom branding. Make your branding noticeable and always at the top of your user’s minds by creating unique login and landing pages with your brand. The platform comes with custom branding and configurable colors and logos. Building brand recognition and loyalty are easy to do with DirectScale. 
  • Up-to-date REST APIs. Updated REST APIs allow users to modify the platform and reconfigure it to suit their needs better.
  • Unlimited customer support & no upgrade fees. Reach their customer service anytime, free of charge.
  • An unmatched self-serve help portal. Get help, tips and tricks, how-to video tutorials, checklists, articles, a user community, and more. It even includes direct access to content only developers want to see, like complete API documentation and examples.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best MLM app for your business is no easy task, and this decision definitely shouldn’t be rushed. Every business is unique in its own sense, and that is why many business owners take their time choosing their MLM app.

That is why you should take a good look at your needs, your budget, and the number of affiliates you work with before making your final decision.

However, one option on this list that stands out is DirectScale, as it has a proven record of success. With its complete flexibility, easy commission payouts, and other advanced but user-friendly functionalities, it is clear that no other software can match its quality.

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