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The direct selling industry is operable in more than 100+ countries, and it is one of the best industries to stay profitable.

Digital solutions are helping companies all over the world run their businesses much more smoothly and efficiently. There is a software tool that fits the needs of every niche, and that includes multi-level marketing companies.

For those working in these companies, MLM software is a tool that can help them operate better than ever before. It offers a number of functionalities, allowing your team to determine which strategy is the most likely to achieve the best results.

Due to the popularity of this software, many different companies offer their own solutions. So which ones are the best MLM software of 2023?


According to Capterra, DirectScale, now an Exigo company, is the most comprehensive and robust MLM software & mobile app on the US market. The best part? It integrates with Shopify within minutes.

It is the perfect solution for data-driven companies that want to manage, track, analyze and optimize their business activities to increase revenue.

This software offers smart dashboards, trend indicators, and models like any other MLM provider. In addition, DirectScale allows MLM leaders to model and test-drive hypothetical changes in their comp plan to see the hypothetical changes & consequences. There is no other platform on the market that offers such a feature.

With DirectScale, you can easily track enrollment orders, sales history by order type or country, autoship orders, new associates, rank counts, and more.

Moreover, after acquiring DirecTech Labs, DirectScale started adding new revenue-generating features and applications to their already robust platform, including RevCapture Alerts.

RevCapture Alerts can bring you up to an 11% lift in monthly revenue, a 6% reduction in monthly and 90-day churn, and an average ROI of 25x.

Enjoy modern eCommerce choices with DirectScale, including Shopify, seamlessly integrating with the other DirectScale commission and back office software applications.

Businesses love DirectScale for its:

  • Unmatched MLM analytics & BI. DirectScale blends a deep understanding of direct sales behavior with data science to improve distributor engagement and lifetime value. Amplify your sellers’ engagement with DirectScale.
  • User-friendly & flexible software. DirectScale is user-friendly, and anyone with basic internet knowledge can operate it.
  • DIY configurability. You can create a personalized web office experience that fits your needs and allows you to target distributors at every step of the sales funnel. In addition, it is easy to provide them with training and support that allows you to create a loyal staff that makes a profit.
  • Easy & self-managed commission payouts. Auditing and modifying your commission payouts and compensation plans will be easier than ever. Users can modify and audit their compensation plans and commission payouts independently and without extra costs.
  • Scalable business operations. DirectScale is a cloud-based MLM software that will keep up with your momentum as you go. It will grow alongside your business and scale back when you’re going through slower times so you can save money and never worry about updating your platform.
  • Custom branding. Make your branding noticeable and always at the top of your user’s minds by creating unique login and landing pages. The platform comes with custom branding colors and logos. Building brand recognition and loyalty are easy to do with DirectScale. 
  • Up-to-date REST APIs. Updated REST APIs allow users to modify the platform and reconfigure it to suit their needs better.
  • Unlimited & FREE customer support. Reach their customer service anytime, free of charge. That’s a game changer, considering that most of their competitors charge for the customer ticket.
  • An unmatched self-serve help portal. Get help, tips and tricks, how-to video tutorials, checklists, articles, a user community, and more. It even includes direct access to content only developers want to see, like complete API documentation and examples.

Here are some testimonials of the happy customers of DirectScale:

  1. Mari Jo, Founder: “The openness of the platform amazes me. I can’t believe I can access so much without even talking to DirectScale. I just love it! And I can do it without opening a ticket and without training!”
  2. David, Exec Director of Technology: “DirectScale did not miss the mark on any of our concerns. We’ve been able to do [everything] on schedule. And we’ve paid all commissions on schedule since then, and we’ve even scaled the business considerably.”
  3. Scott, VP of Operations: “I’ve worked with three of the main industry commission engine system providers. I’ve noticed something very different with DirectScale. The service and support I’ve received with DirectScale have helped me to feel like they are genuinely interested in the success of our company.”

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MLM software Optimove

Next on our list of the best MLM software of 2022 is Optimove. This is a tool that helps companies transform customer data into insights that enable customer-centric brands to grow their business.

Optimove offers native marketing channels that extend its core CRM marketing technology and capabilities. These include email, mobile push notifications, mobile in-app messaging, web push notifications, web pop-ups, and native connectors to digital advertising platforms.

With Optimove, you can create personal CRM marketing campaigns with the following features:

  • Advanced analytics. Understand your customers and what they want thanks to this software’s analytics that ingests and processes all of your customer’s data. This feature is easy to use even for those who aren’t technically-savvy, as the data appears in an easily accessible customer view.
  • Multi-channel customer communications. It is simple to create a customer-led journey, as Optimove allows prioritizing messaging and comes with a customer exclusion framework. All of this builds a foundation for seamless multi-channel customer communications.
  • Advanced AI. Optimove’s relationship marketing bot, Optibot, identifies revenue opportunities within your customer base and enables you to generate insights that improve customer communications.
  • Add-on products. This software comes with add-ons that help improve your marketing team’s communication with customers.
  • Analytics. With real-time reports, your company leaders will be able to monitor the workers’ progress and see who needs what type of engagement based on their performance.


MLM software rallyware

Rallyware is a multi-level marketing solution for managing all processes related to distributor productivity as well as retention. If your company is looking for software that will help you engage your distributors, then Rallyware is a good pick.

Rallyware is a technology tycoon that offers many solutions across industries. Their direct-selling software claims to increase distributor retention, sales productivity, and recruitment. 

This software allows its users to boost engagement through technology in the following ways:

  • Effective communication. Drive every segment of the distributor base to take the right course of action.
  • Real-time analytics. Corporate leaders can easily track the performance and ROI of every specific field engagement initiative.
  • Genealogy-mapped communication. You can group your distributors into communities based on your company’s genealogy, which will lead to much more efficient communications.
  • Social game-like experience. Distributors can have fun while taking all the steps to achieve success and see tangible results. They will be motivated to accomplish specific activities through fun achievements and rewards.
  • Distributor engagement programs. The predefined engagement programs that Rallyware offers can help any company achieve its selling results.

Infinite MLM Software

infinite mlm

Infinite deserves its spot on the list of the best MLM software of 2022 because it comes with advanced features, a wide range of compensation plans, and can fit any business model. It also allows for integrations for eCommerce businesses.

Thanks to the Infinite MLM software and app, your business updates are at your fingertips. The mobile app is an add-on provided by Infinite MLM Software to aid network-marketing companies in outperforming their own metrics.

Here are some features offered by Infinite MLM software:

  • Perfect for industry newbies. This solution is ideal when you just start in the MLM industry. With time, you might need to move to move sophisticated software that can grow as your business grows.
  • Simple interface. Both the software and the app are user-friendly, making it easy for anyone with basic knowledge to operate it.
  • Dashboards & reports. Keep a better pulse on your business thanks to convenient dashboards and reports.
  • Easy profile management. Infinite MLM software enables profile management and offers updated information on commissions and compensations. Moreover, you can register new members with ease.
  • Fully customizable. Infinite comes with many different MLM compensation plans, including Binary, Matrix, Hybrid, and Breakaway, just to name a few. This means it’s fully customizable to fit any business.
  • Optimized communication. The software flourishes the MLM business to an advanced level by streamlining contact flow and effectively communicating among the sales team and downline representatives.
  • Gamification. Gamify sales goals through bonuses and special achievement awards.
  • Easy to download & install.


MLM software Pamtree

Pamtree is a mobile-friendly MLM software that was created to help network marketing professionals perform their jobs effortlessly by using a single app.

This MLM platform is designed and built by ex-network marketers and had input from more than 400 business owners from over 50 different MLM companies.

Like other solutions on this list of the best MLM software of 2022, Pamtree comes with amazing features:

  • 100% free. The most significant competitive advantage of the Pamtree app is that the basic plan is 100% free, which is perfect for start-ups with a limited budget. However, as your company grows, it’s not the most sophisticated option.
  • Contact management. See where each person on your contact list is in their prospecting process, who has received samples from you, and what leads converted into customers.
  • Trackable messages. You can create message templates to make communications simpler, search your messaging history, and even receive notifications when someone clicks on a link you sent them.
  • To-do lists. Forget about your paper task lists and use the Pamtree app to keep track of all outstanding and completed jobs.
  • Sales funnels. Invite leads and ask them to complete forms on your personalized landing page to lead them through the sales funnel more efficiently.
  • Customer tracker. Monitor your customer’s purchasing behavior and analyze their order history to figure out which steps you need to take next.
  • Resource management. Upload useful information such as marketing materials and training videos to make sure all of your employees are well-versed in all business operations.

MarketPowerPRO by MultiSoft

MarketPowerPRO software helps you focus on the people, not the paperwork, and helps you be in control to dominate your market.

According to the official website, the main idea behind this solution is to enable users to recruit and retain more distributors with ease. Therefore, automation is high among the crucial benefits, and the company always emphasizes that. 

The platform is 100% cloud-based and allows users to have complete admin control.

MarketPowerPRO is one of the cheaper options on the market. However, it is not as robust and feature-packed as the other options mentioned on this list. Nevertheless, it offers a free trial, so your company can try it out.

These are the most notable benefits of using this platform:

  • Replicated distributor sites. MarketPowerPRO provides corporate branded websites to your distributors.
  • MLM compensation plans. The software supports all plan types like binary, unilevel, stairstep, and custom hybrids.
  • Distributor back-office. MarketPowerPro provides the distributors with all the information they need.
  • Variety of payment getaways. MarketPowerPro supports numerous payment gateways out of the box.
  • Multiple third-party integrations. The platform offers a built-in eWallet and integrations with multiple third-party commission payment platforms.
  • Real-time genealogies.
  • Mobile-friendly.

Epixel MLM Software

MLM software Epixel

The last option on our list of the best MLM software is Epixel, a feature-rich and fully-customizable solution that adapts to your needs as your business grows. The company claims that its MLM software helps you grow 10x faster with intelligent workflow automation.

Epixel’s fully-featured, customizable solution combines your brand-specific requirements with unlimited flexibility to accommodate changing or future needs. Epixel MLM software helps you build customers and teams fast & ensure ongoing customer sales.

The company claims to be a great option for both start-ups or enterprises—letting you expand the scope of your direct selling business into new markets. However, enterprises often leave Epixel for more sophisticated MLM ecommerce platforms that can grow with them.

This data-driven MLM software provides you with:

  • Drag-and-drop e-store builder. The MLM experience platform delivers fast-loading ecommerce websites that are easy to build and easy to attract customers with visually-appealing templates and features.
  • Real-time financial visibility. Assemble fiscal and historical data for an accurate financial status, saving your accounting team’s time.
  • Intelligent business insights. The software offers a complete view of your business, including profitability. Use the data you receive to make informed actions and decisions.
  • KPI identification. With Epixel, you can track important KPIs to make better and more informed marketing decisions.
  • Promotional tools. Give your customers more ways to shop and extra ways to find you with omnichannel e-commerce. Identify the right channels, track your influencers, and design compelling ad campaigns to rush in customers to your brand.
  • Training and self-development. Provide proper learning materials and training to your distributors to better grasp your business plan.
  • Highly secure, robust, yet customizable.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best MLM software for your business can be demanding. Every business is unique in its way, and that is why many business owners take their time choosing their MLM solution.

However, one option on this list that stands out is DirectScale, as it has a proven record of success for established, data-driven MLM companies.

With its complete flexibility & configurability, easy commission payouts and comp plan modeling, business intelligence and other advanced but user-friendly features, it is clear that no other software can match its quality.

All in all, DirectScale is number 1 on our list because an MLM business won’t be able to find nearly as much success with any other software.

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