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The direct selling industry is operable in more than 100+ countries, and it is one of the best industries to stay profitable.

Digital solutions are helping companies all over the world run their businesses much more smoothly and efficiently. There is a software tool that fits the needs of every niche, and that includes multi-level marketing companies.

For those working in these companies, MLM software is a tool that can help them operate better than ever before. It offers a number of functionalities, allowing your team to determine which strategy is the most likely to achieve the best results.

Due to the popularity of this software, many different companies offer their own solutions. So which ones are the best MLM software of 2022?


MLM software DirectScale

DirectScale is software designed by industry experts that know exactly what a multi-level marketing company needs from software. This is evident by its amazing features that were created with the user in mind. All of its solutions are complete and configurable out of the box.

There are many reasons why it’s impossible not to mention DirectScale on our list of the best MLM software of 2022, but let’s just focus on the most important features:

  1. DIY configurability. You can create a personalized web office experience that fits your needs and allows you to target distributors every step of the sales funnel. It is easy to provide them with training and support that allows you to create a loyal staff that makes profit.
  2. Simple agenda promotion. Keep your users engaged, educated, and informed with useful login events and Web Office banners. You can use these features to display custom announcements and schedule automatic updates for your content. You can even segment the content by language, region, and rank.
  3. Custom branding. Make your branding noticeable and always at the top of your user’s mind by creating unique login and landing pages.
  4. Personalization. Keep your team connected at all times with direct user-to-user chat, downline mass messaging, and offline email and SMS messaging.

Here are some testimonials of the happy customers of DirectScale:

  1. Mari Jo, Founder: “The openness of the platform amazes me. I can’t believe I can access so much without even talking to DirectScale. I just love it! And I can do it without opening a ticket and without training!”
  2. David, Exec Director of Technology: “DirectScale did not miss the mark on any of our concerns. We’ve been able to do [everything] on schedule. And we’ve paid all commissions on schedule since then, and we’ve even scaled the business considerably.”
  3. Scott, VP of Operations: “I’ve worked with three of the main industry commission engine system providers. I’ve noticed something very different with DirectScale. The service and support I’ve received with DirectScale has helped me to feel like they are genuinely interested in the success of our company.”

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MLM software Optimove

Next on our list of the best MLM software of 2022 is Optimove. This is a tool that helps companies transform customer data into insights that enable customer-centric brands to grow their business.

With Optimove, you can create personal CRM marketing campaigns with the following features:

  • Advanced analytics. Understand your customers and what they want thanks to this software’s analytics that ingests and processes all of your customer’s data. This feature is easy to use even for those who aren’t technically-savvy, as the data appears in an easily accessible customer view.
  • Multi-channel customer communications. It is simple to create a customer-led journey, as Optimove allows prioritizing messaging and comes with a customer exclusion framework. All of this builds a foundation for seamless multi-channel customer communications.
  • Advanced AI. Optimove’s relationship marketing bot, Optibot, identifies revenue opportunities within your customer base and enables you to generate insights that improve customer communications.
  • Add-on products. This software comes with add-ons that help improve your marketing team’s communication with customers.
  • Analytics. With real-time reports, your company leaders will be able to monitor the workers’ progress and see who needs what type of engagement based on their performance.


MLM software rallyware

Rallyware is a multi-level marketing solution for managing all processes related to distributor productivity as well as retention. If your company is looking for software that will help you engage your distributors, then Rallyware is a good pick.

Rallyware allows its users to boost engagement through technology in the following ways:

  • Social game-like experience. Distributors can have fun while taking all the steps to achieve success and see tangible results. They will be motivated to accomplish certain activities through fun achievements and even rewards.
  • Engagement programs. The suite of predefined engagement programs that Rallyware offers can help any company achieve its selling results.
  • Genealogy-mapped communication. You can group all of your distributors into communities based on your company’s genealogy, which will lead to much more efficient communications.


Infinite MLM software

Infinite deserves its spot on the list of the best MLM software of 2021 because it comes with advanced features, a wide range of compensation plans, and can fit any business model. It also allows for integrations for eCommerce businesses.

Here are some features offered by Infinite:

  • Simple interface. This software is completely user-friendly and anyone who has basic internet knowledge can operate it.
  • Fully customizable. Infinite comes with many different MLM compensation plans including Binary, Matrix, Hybrid, and Breakaway, just to name a few. This means it’s fully customizable to fit any business.
  • Design templates. Alter the software to fit your needs and create a branded look with multiple design templates.
  • Auto-responder. You can auto-respond to all messages that users send and easily capture names and email addresses to create a contact list.


MLM software Pamtree

Pamtree is a free MLM software that was created to help network marketing professionals perform their jobs effortlessly by using a single app. 

Like other solutions on this list of the best MLM software of 2021, Pamtree comes with amazing features:

  • Contact management. See where each person on your contact list is in their prospecting process, who has received samples from you, and what leads converted into customers.
  • Trackable messages. You can create message templates to make communications simpler, search your messaging history, and even receive notifications when someone clicks on a link you sent them.
  • To-do lists. Forget about your paper task lists and use the Pamtree app to keep track of all outstanding and completed jobs.
  • Sales funnels. Invite leads and ask them to complete forms on your personalized landing page to lead them through the sales funnel more efficiently.
  • Customer tracker. Monitor your customer’s purchasing behavior and analyze their order history to figure out which steps you need to take next.
  • Resource management. Upload useful information such as marketing materials and training videos to make sure all of your employees are well-versed in all business operations.


MLM software Plexum

The next solution on our list of the best MLM software of 2022 is Plexum, a fully-integrated and cloud-based MLM software.

Some of Plexum’s features include:

  • Compensation structure. Track all sales activities and sales purchases automatically, and use a hierarchy referral system to pay for commissions.
  • Auto-responder. Plexum comes with great email marketing features such as auto-responder that make it easy to send follow-up emails.
  • Virtual & Home Party Plan. Enable your customers to recommend your products to their friends and family and thus increase your sales.
  • Unlimited staff accounts. Add as many team members to the software without any additional cost.
  • Social connection tools. Create an internal social network to promote sales and foster a positive community.


MLM software SocialBug

This MLM platform was designed to help you deal with large volumes of distributors and make tracking and processing commissions much simpler. If you run a small business, this solution is a good choice.

What makes SocialBug great for people who are just starting out on their MLM journey is its simplicity in setting up and implementation, since it’s offered as a plugin or an extension. All you need to do is install it on your existing website and you’ll have a great MLM tool at your disposal.


MLM software Epixel

The last solution on our list of the best MLM software of 2022 is Epixel, a feature-rich and fully-customizable solution that adapts to your needs as your business grows.

This data-driven MLM software provides you with:

  • Accurate business performances. Get a complete view of your business and use the data you receive to make informed actions and decisions.
  • Financial visibility. Have an accurate status of your finances and use it to make strategic decisions.
  • Key performance indicators. Track important KPIs so you can make better and more informed marketing decisions.
  • Training and self-development. Provide proper learning materials and training to your distributors so they have a better grasp of your business plan.
  • Team collaboration tools. Make sure all of your team members are working toward a common goal and objective by being connected via collaboration tools.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many great software tools used by multi-level marketing companies, and all of the software we listed have some great features. 

However, while they’re all good in their own ways and can fit a certain type of business, the best MLM software of 2021 is undoubtedly DirectScale, and here’s why:

  • It comes with all of the powerful features an MLM company needs.
  • It helps you grow your business and create brand recognition without almost any effort.
  • It’s as useful as it is easy to use, and it benefits both marketers and users.

All in all, DirectScale is number one on our list because an MLM business won’t be able to find nearly as much success with any other software.

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