Looking for an ecommerce solution for your business but you are not sure which one to choose?

Of course, you can go for one of the most popular ecommerce software like BigCommerce. However, in one way or another, it might not be an ideal solution for your company. You might wonder whether BigCommerce is worth the hype and whether there are some good alternatives.

If you want to find the best ecommerce software solution for your business, you are in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the 5 best BigCommerce alternatives for you that will help you decide.

Read on & find the right ecommerce software solution for your business!


If you want to keep it simple & cheap, Wix is a solution for you. This platform gives you the freedom to create, design, manage and develop your web presence exactly the way you want.

The biggest advantage of Wix is its simple website builder with ecommerce functionality that is easy to use. Also, you can use it for free, with an option of upgrade to the premium version. However, it is not the best solution for multi-channel selling or more sophisticated ecommerce activities.

Here are some reasons why you should consider Wix over BigCommerce:

  • Super-easy to use. The biggest advantage is how simple & user-friendly it is even for those who have a limited tech knowledge.
  • One of the cheapest options. When your budget is strapped, Wix is a strong option.
  • Attractive design & sleeker templates. Its best feature is that it helps you showcase your products and variants beautifully. In the customization and design fronts, this is one of the best ecommerce software solutions out there.
  • Product videos.
  • Excellent SEO.


One of the best ecommerce solutions is definitely Shopify and therefore, it cannot be missed out on our list of 5 BigCommerce alternatives.

This software is one of the most comprehensive platforms as it helps not only with online retail, but also with offline retail. As other options of our list, no software installations or hosting services are required.

Feature-loaded, scalable, and offering numerous templates for different niches, Shopify stores are plug-and-play ecommerce.

Opposed to Wix, Shopify is a great option for omnichannel commerce including Instagram and Facebook. It has powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day. However, its solution is among the more expensive ones.

You should also know that Shopify charges transaction fees on every sale (+ the payment processor’s normal fee) unless you use their proprietary payment provider, Shopify Payments. 

Shopify stands out with these awesome features:

  • Easy to use. In comparison to BigCommerce, it is more user-friendly as you don’t have to worry about technical stuff at all.
  • Attractive designs. There are 70+ quality designs & themes that are also mobile-friendly. You can also create your own design.
  • 24/7 support. Unlike open source solutions, Shopify has a 24-hour customer support team.
  • Comprehensive analytics. With Shopify, you can expect actionable dashboards, Google analytics, product reports and much more.


First released in 2007, Magento is a feature-rich ecommerce solution that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the user experience, content, and functionality of their online channel. It is built on open source technology which means it receives constant development originating with its large open-source community.

In 2018, it was acquired by Adobe so if you’re a big fan of Adobe’s other products and have extensive developer skills, Magento is an option for you.

Businesses that have already used Magento claim that these are its main benefits:

  • Very scalable. Because it’s open source, you have access to the backend to customize everything in your store.
  • Total ownership. You’ll have full access to Magento’s code, meaning you’re free to develop it on your own with any customizations you desire.
  • Apps, plugins and add-ons. When it comes to the variety, Magento is one of the best solutions out there for a large partner ecosystem for third-party apps and add-ons.

If you do know the web design basics and you don’t have a problem handling web hosting, then it is a very powerful ecommerce solution that can meet all your needs. However, if you don’t have technical expertise, you should probably go for some of the user-friendly solutions mentioned in this list.


Another BigCommerce alternative is Volusion. It is a SaaS platform that is known for its user-friendly interface and the best data analytics tools.

Volusion provides beautiful themes and ecommerce features like adding unlimited products, payment processing, inventory management, etc. It also comes with a mobile app, letting you manage your store on the move.

Volusion’s customers say it is great for small businesses, however, it has some cons, too: the lack of niche features and the lack of blogging tools.

Yet, Volusion offers some great features:

  • Customization. With expertly-designed themes, custom domains, intuitive functionality and more, Volusion has everything you need to build your store your way: responsive themes, product category pages, homepage slideshow and more.
  • SEO and marketing features. Volusion’s built in features will help you promote your store and get more traffic.
  • Gateway integrations. Volusion performs well in the payment area, integrating with plenty of gateways including Apple Pay, PayPal and Stripe.
  • Cheaper price plans. In comparison to BigCommerce, it is slightly cheaper.


We’ve saved the best for last! In our opinion, the greatest BigCommerce alternative is DirectScale, a cloud-based software solution created in the USA that aims to help companies manage orders better, communicate more efficiently, improve their logistics and much more.

Using their decades of industry experience, DirectScale has designed unique revenue optimization tools on top of their commissions engine. By aggregating all of your sales data alongside our compensation profiler and editor, DirectScale gives you not only the insight, but the ability to drive the growth of your business.

All of the functionalities that this software solution offers are complete and configurable right out of the box.

Here are some of the best features of DirectScale:

  • Ecommerce management. Update product offerings and info on the go to manage your online business with ease.
  • Easy to use. This software is completely user-friendly and anyone who has basic internet knowledge can operate it.
  • DIY configurability. You can create a personalized web office experience that fits your needs and allows you to target distributors every step of the sales funnel. It is easy to provide them with training and support that allows you to create a loyal staff that makes profit.
  • Custom branding. Make your branding noticeable and always at the top of your user’s mind by creating unique login and landing pages with your company’s branding. The platform comes with custom branding and configurable company colors and logos. Building brand recognition and loyalty is something many companies struggle with, but it’s easy to do with DirectScale. 
  • Personalization. Communication is the key for growing a business. Keep your team connected at all times with direct user-to-user chat, downline mass messaging, and offline email and SMS messaging.
  • Payouts management under control. Auditing and modifying your commission payouts and compensation plans will be easier than ever. Users will be able to modify and audit their compensation plans and commission payouts on their own and with no extra costs.

In addition, DirectScale has recently built a new website with updated messaging features, which adds to the already fantastic overall experience of its users.

Here are some testimonials of the happy customers of DirectScale:

  1. Mari Jo, Founder: “The openness of the platform amazes me. I can’t believe I can access so much without even talking to DirectScale. I just love it! And I can do it without opening a ticket and without training!”
  2. David, Exec Director of Technology: “DirectScale did not miss the mark on any of our concerns. We’ve been able to do [everything] on schedule. And we’ve paid all commissions on schedule since then, and we’ve even scaled the business considerably.”
  3. Scott, VP of Operations: “I’ve worked with three of the main industry commission engine system providers. I’ve noticed something very different with DirectScale. The service and support I’ve received with DirectScale has helped me to feel like they are genuinely interested in the success of our company.”

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This article sums up 5 great alternatives to BigCommerce, an ecommerce website builder designed to help fast growing businesses grow even more. It has some amazing built-in features. Yet, BigCommerce is relatively tricky to use as it uses complicated language.

Luckily, there are several great ecommerce solutions that you should consider when choosing the ecommerce platform suitable for your business: Wix, Shopify, Magento, Volusion and DirectScale.

When choosing a BigCommerce alternative, there are some things to consider: easy usage, flexibility and integrations, features relevant to your business and, of course, pricing.

It’s worth knowing that every software offers either a free plan or free trial so you can test the solution before purchasing.

However, if you want to truly reach your full potential, we recommend you DirectScale. Its highly customizable nature means that no matter what kind of business you run, you can alter this already powerful solution to be everything you ever needed.

You wonder how is DirectScale better than BigCommerce? It is way easier to use, more customizable & personalized and you will have all your ecommerce activities under control. With its advanced configurability, automated scalability, payout management, and other important features, it is clear that no other software can match its level.